Mountain Goat

The Goat population in this area is very healthy. It produces billies in the 9″ – 10″ class. Sucess ratio 95%. Southeast Alaska goat hunters must choose between trophy quality or weather conditions. Earlier season hunts have better weather, but shorter- haired goats. Late season hunts for longer-haired goats have a better chance of bad weather.

I book the goat hunts from August 1 through November 30. The early goat hunts take place primarily above timberline at elevations not exceeding 5500 feet. These hunts can be conducted either as day hunts after spot and stalk, or as pack style overnight hunts from two days or longer in length. Goat hunting is easier if heavy snow pushes the goats to lower elevations.

Note: I guide in places which usually minimize the strenuous and dangerous climbs, often associated with goat hunting, but hunters must be in very good physical and mental condition. The Goat hunt is an extremely difficult hunt.

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